Cooperations in the Internet platform

 TRAVISION develops and operates the tourist Internet platform and community within the framework of a cooperation with the Innotat GmbH. The platform supports and brings together people, who have a lot of interest and fun in traveling. For this purpose we are looking for more partners, advertisers,tourist micro service providers as concierges and members


Cooperation in project planning of TRAVEL-YOUR-LIFE

 TRAVISION is working on a travel guidebook TRAVEL YOUR LIFE. It should guide people to travel more frequently, more intensely and less expensive. As it is well-known, holidays are the most beautiful time of the year, we want to help people to always feel like being on holidays.

In this project, various travel concepts are developed, assembled and edited for customer needs. Buzzwords are e.g. freedom to travel, travel motivation, travel life cycle, travel strategy, travel awareness, travel community, travel synergies and travel invest. This will initiate an extensive understanding of new travel comprehension and travel behavior of customers and travel industry. 

Here we are looking for partners to incorporate a broad knowledge, to spread the investment in the project on several shoulders and to ensure the distribution of the projected bestseller.

You will receive more information by sending an e-mail to:, keyword: TRAVEL-YOUR-LIFE.



TRAVISION wants to fill the time between the booking date and start of travel with pleasant anticipation and additional offers. For this purpose, an award-winning concept was developed and implemented as a pilot project with the title: Reisevorfreude.

Now we are looking for a partner who adopts the basic software, maintains it and develops it further - and steps into a joint marketing